Welcome to our active management update on the market

Some of you may be surprised at how the Dow is performing compared to the other major stock market indexes—not only this year, but also over the past one year and three years (see the following table and graphs; the red line in each graph represents the NASDAQ 100, the green line represents the S&P 500, the purple line represents the Dow, and the horizontal line in the middle is the unchanged level from the left edge of the graph).

Year to date

1 Year

3 Years

The major stock market indexes often perform differently in different market environments. And each index also comes with different risks—especially max loss values. For example, in the 2000–2002 bear market, the S&P 500 declined by about 50%. However, that was nothing compared to the NASDAQ 100’s decline of over 80%.

This is why Flexible Plan Investments develops and employs strategies that use flexible universes and different indexes. That is one of the keys to our strategic-diversification process.

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