Last week, gold prices found support at around $1,670 per ounce, and then rallied back toward the recent high at $1,788.00 per ounce before closing at $1,735 per ounce (see the following chart).

The U.S. Congress passed more funding for the small-business loan program and then began taking steps on another relief package, this one for infrastructure spending. These spending packages are fueling historically high government debt, now approaching $4 trillion for this year.

Analysts see this flood of U.S. dollars driving up gold prices. According to Barron’s, Bank of America’s Michael Widmer and team believe gold is heading a lot higher. “The reason? ‘The Fed can’t print gold.’”

Barron’s adds, “Widmer expects rates to be low in the U.S. and the rest of the world for a very long time as central banks try to boost GDP growth and inflation. They’ll also be increasing the size of their balance sheets, while government deficits balloon. … He writes, ‘Investment demand has correlated strongly with gold prices in recent years, and we expect precisely this group of buyers to drive gold prices higher.’”

Rick Andrews is president of Avant Capital Management