Investing can be a turnkey experience

Investing can be a turnkey experience

Staff members were waiting for us at the airport, which was teeming with people when the transatlantic plane touched down. In a crowded, cavernous room, with signs everywhere in a foreign tongue, they found our luggage and escorted us through customs. Whisked into a private car, they sped us to the dock and our rivercraft.

Quantified Funds 9/09/19

U.S. equity markets posted gains in all three indexes last week. The S&P 500 gained 1.79%, the NASDAQ Composite gained 1.76%, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 1.49%. All 11 sectors were up last week; Energy posted the largest gain at about 2.64%. All...

The gold bull market’s third leg

Gold prices ended last week at $1,515.50 per ounce, pulling back from a double top that formed around $1,565.00 per ounce. However, prices have not broken down through the trend support line. This suggests a consolidation, which could be followed by a resumption of...