FPI National Sales Conference: December 4-6

All members of our Sales department, along with staff from our Marketing, Compliance, and Executive groups, will be attending our FPI National Sales Conference from Wednesday, December 4, through Friday, December 6. The off-site event will give all an opportunity to share news about upcoming programs and exchange ideas on best sales practices. The Sales team will be checking emails and voicemails periodically, and our Client Services and Broker Administration staff will be available for additional assistance. We thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Phone service disruptions

We have been made aware that Sprint service users who call FPI and enter an extension have had trouble connecting. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. As we work to resolve this issue with Sprint, we ask that callers experiencing this issue please hang up and try again or email the Sales team at sales@flexibleplan.com or Client Services at clientservices@flexibleplan.com.

Add your brand to FPI client-facing materials

Advisers can now co-brand client-facing materials, including the Crash-Test Analyzer, Illustration Generator, Model Performance Report, OnTarget Investing Website, OnTarget Proposal, and Research Report. This allows you to use the latest FPI tools and technology to add value to you and your company brand—and all with the cohesive branding your clients have come to know and trust. Log in to flexibleplan.com to learn more.

Now available: New turnkey investment solutions from Flexible Plan

We have recently launched a new suite of multi-strategy services:

  • QFC Fusion 2.0—A new and improved iteration of our most popular portfolio of strategies.
  • QFC Multi-Strategy Core—A dynamically risk-managed core portfolio that blends a variety of our Quantified Fee Credit (QFC) core strategies. The resulting portfolio—which can be customized to one of five risk profiles (from conservative to aggressive)—is designed to be used as a standalone core or to enhance the risk management of a passive core portfolio. Because QFC Multi-Strategy Core is actively managed, it’s designed to take advantage of opportunities that are not available to the passive core.
  • Four QFC Multi-Strategy Explore—Available for four different investment scenarios: low volatility, low correlation, special equity, and equity trends. The first is for those with more conservative expectations, the second is moderate to balanced focused, and the final two would be deemed more growth-oriented. These options can be added to customize and complete a “core and explore” portfolio.

Each of these solutions is turnkey: We monitor them, impose the discipline of trading them, and then report their performance to you.

As QFC strategies, our new offerings exclusively use our subadvised mutual funds, allowing us to deliver fee credits that lower our portion of the strategy’s advisory fee. As turnkey multi-strategy services, they also offer three levels of risk and opportunity management:

  1. Dynamic risk and opportunity management within each mutual fund.
  2. Dynamic risk and opportunity management among all of the funds used in each strategy.
  3. Active risk and opportunity management of the allocation among the QFC strategies.

The minimum investment in QFC Fusion 2.0 or QFC Multi-Strategy Core is $25,000, while a QFC Multi-Strategy Explore option requires $5,000.

Investors who maintain accounts with a balance of at least $100,000 in either QFC Fusion 2.0 or QFC Multi-Strategy Core receive all of the added benefits of our Prime accounts. These include added risk customization (QFC Fusion 2.0 only), longevity fee credits, waiver of our paper delivery fee, and access to our quarterly conference call.

For more information on these strategies, please contact our Sales department at 800-347-3539, ext. 2.

Reminder: Required minimum distribution

As the end of the year approaches, make sure you and your clients are adequately planning for any IRA contributions, required minimum distributions, or gifts. Remember, the IRS requires tax-deferred account holders over the age of 70½ to take a required minimum distribution (RMD) on an annual basis. These accounts include IRAs and 403(b)s, among others. Flexible Plan clients were notified earlier this year of their minimum distribution amount. To request the RMD, complete the EZ IRA distribution form. E*Trade Advisor Services will not make a distribution without a completed form. To review RMD information for your clients, you can run the RMD Report from E*Trade Advisor Services’ Liberty website. Distribution requests need to be received in our office by December 20 to guarantee processing by December 31, 2019.