URGENT: Quantified Funds and QFC strategies investors—Your vote matters
The Board of Trustees of Advisors Preferred Trust is holding a special meeting of shareholders on May 31, 2019, to approve new advisory and subadvisory agreements for the administration of the Quantified Funds (The Gold Bullion Strategy Fund, The Gold Bullion Strategy Portfolio, Quantified Managed Income Fund, Quantified All-Cap Equity Fund, Quantified Market Leaders Fund, Quantified Alternative Investments Fund, and Quantified STF Fund). Shareholders include those invested in the Quantified Funds and the QFC strategies.

The current advisory and subadvisory agreements will automatically terminate as a result of a change in the ownership of Advisors Preferred, LLC. The proposals at the shareholder meeting merely authorize the execution of new agreements. The new advisory and subadvisory agreements have substantively the same terms as the current agreements, including the same fee rates.

Communications in regard to this were sent from Flexible Plan Investments to clients invested in the Quantified Funds and the QFC strategies and their advisers last week.

Please vote on these proposals.

For more information about the agreements and the voting process, see the full shareholder communication from Advisors Preferred Trust.

Flexible Plan summer hours

To thank Flexible Plan employees for their hard work and dedication, our office will close at 4 p.m. (EDT) on Fridays from May 31 through September 27 to allow our staff to enjoy more of Michigan’s great summer.

Updated terms and conditions from E*Trade

All E*Trade Advisor Services clients will be mailed an updated General Terms and Conditions information statement related to their accounts. The letter will be mailed on or around June 3, 2019. The statement is for informational purposes only, and clients are not required to take any action. A copy of the letter is available here.

Coming soon: The newly redesigned OnTarget Investing website
We have made enhancements to the OnTarget Investing website to improve the client experience. The new site has a more modern look and expanded account detail. The OnTarget Monitor will be available on a per account basis with monthly updates. Current account balances and past account statements will also be available. In addition, we have added contextual two-factor authentication for increased security when logging in to the website or making profile changes. Please watch for communications about the website in the coming weeks.